Safe Guidelines on How to Use Blackhead Removers

Blackheads are common problems for most people, young and old. Blackhead is a particular type of acne which resembles blackish little dots often seen on the nose, cheeks and forehead. Excessive presence of blackheads can seriously affect a person's self esteem. If too many blackheads are seen on the surface of the face, it might be necessary to use blackhead removers to keep the skin healthy and good-looking.

There are different blackheads removers available in the market. They can be in a form of cream, strips, extractors or metal loops and natural home remedies. You can choose any of these methods depending on your personal choice. However, be sure to follow the general guidelines on how to use blackhead removers as discussed below:

1. Wash your hands before using any blackheads remover. This will prevent transmission of germs and other bacteria from your hands to your face that will complicate the acne condition.

2. Wash your face in warm water or use wash cloth soaked in warm water applied over your face for a few minutes before removing blackheads. It is also recommended removing blackheads immediately after taking a warm shower. Warm water can open up the pores to facilitate easy removal of blackheads.

3. Choose the most appropriate type of blackhead removers based on the severity of the condition and efficiency. Creams, strips, extractors and natural home remedies can be used in mild blackheads. However, severe forms should be consulted to dermatologists and ask the best remover from them.

4. Creams and strips are the most convenient type as they are only applied on the area where there are several blackheads found. Extractors or metal loops are tools used to remove blackheads. There is a small loop at the other side to push over the blackheads and a pointed-end or a lancet on the other side. Lancet should not be used to picking large acne as these can worsen the condition.

5. When buying blackheads remover, read the given instructions and follow them carefully. There are some removers that contain antibacterial agents and other chemicals, which can only be applied for a given time and should strictly not exceed over the specified time.

6. Do not open the pores with your bare hands. Also, do not squeeze and force deep seated blackheads as these can inflame the pore and cause more infection. Squeezing can increase the size of the skin pore and more blackheads will appear in that area. Scarring is also most likely to occur.

7. After removing blackheads, wash your face with a cool water to close the pores and prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the pores once again.

After applying blackhead removers, always keep an oil and dirt-free face by washing it twice a day. Observe necessary measures so that you can prevent blackheads and other acne conditions from occurring once more.